Sweet Cheeks by Renee

These cookies are so gorgeous, so distinctive, so delicious you’ll struggle between eating them and just staring at them all day.

When I first made the call to Renee, I was so excited after seeing the thousands of cookies she’s designed on her website. I mean, who doesn’t want customized Beyonce cookies for their 30th Birthday? I saw those ‘Queen Bey’ cookies in her gallery and immediately knew I had to try.  But then I thought, there’s no way these cookies could be half as delicious as they are stunning.  So I took a road trip with Sully to Amesbury, MA and we picked up what felt like one of those prizes you win on a game show.  Too good to be true? I let Renee design something of her choice with my only message of wanting something ‘Lovely’.  Sully and I hovered over the box with Santa Claus is coming excitement, and as we peeked in Sully said “Mom those aren’t cookies. Are you sure we can eat those?”  I gave him a cascading white flower square cookie, and as he took his first bite his eyes turned into saucers. He said “Whoa!!! These are so good.”  I waited until I got home to try my half of the cookie, still not truly believing these could be as good as they look.  I made my tea, sat on the couch, took my first bite, and let’s just say I am so glad I wasn’t allowed to eat any more than my half because I would have eaten the whole box.

Another reason I love Sweet Cheeks? Renee offers cookie decorating classes and even brings her shop to your house so you can host a girls’ night and have a cozy night with the ones you love.  Looking to start your own cookie business and need a private lesson? She has that covered too.  See all of the details and pricing here:


If you’re looking for the most delicious, beautiful, melt in your mouth cookies and cakes that you can personalize with love for any occasion, check out Sweet Cheeks by Renee.



Some of my favorite cookie designs:


Photography by Kate Donovan


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