Sweaters by the Sea.  Sounds relaxing doesn’t it? And who doesn’t love something soft and cozy?! And yes, you’ve heard it a million times…it’s ‘sweater weather’, BUT have you thought through your sweater strategy for the season? It always amazes me how challenging it is to find sweaters that last, and I know I’m not the only one who gets frustrated when they pill or pull, and then I’m over them by the end of the season because they look so mangled.  That being said, in the last few years, I’m really selective about my sweaters. I’ll invest a little more in a sweater that I know will take me through a few winter seasons rather than something low budget; however, I also have a few affordable ones that have staying power from retailers that I love (hint, hint, see below).

Style tip: I’m a huge fan of cable knits.  Maybe it’s because I’m Irish, or maybe it’s because they bring me back to childhood when my mom used to bundle us up with something she knitted.  Whatever the case, I always feel like cable knit lasts year after year. So…in the spirit of this new “sweater weather” season, check out my top picks.

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