In terms of fashion, we always think, does this look good on me? Do I need a smaller size? A different fabric? Does this make my bum look big? But, when was the last time we said to ourselves, is this sustainable? And what does this mean?

Sustainable Fashion goes beyond textiles, as it addresses the whole system of fashion. It’s about brands being environmental and socially responsible.  This alternate term of Eco Fashion belongs to companies selecting products and services that use more environmentally friendly materials.  For instance, Mara Hoffman continues to focus on sustainable materials, processes, and production in order to improve and extend each garment’s life. Her approach consists of responsibly sourced organic, recycled and regenerated materials whenever possible.  The chosen fabrics consist of:  ECONYL, REPREVE, Hemp, Organic Cotton, Linen, Alpaca, Lenzing Cellulosic Fibers (all 4 consisting of TENCEL).  To learn more about these sustainable materials and Mara’s Story visit:

Reformation, another cherished label that celebrates the feminine figure, prides themselves on their #1 goal as being sustainable.  They are doing this in 4 areas:  Product. People. Planet. Progress ~ One notable call out is fiber selection.  Selecting the fiber is important because this stage of raw materials will impact the wash of the garment as well as how it may be recycled one day.  Reformation has 5 categories of standards in fabric selection:

  1. Allstars (natural fibers/plant based)
  2. Better than most (fibers that are almost all natural and recycled
  3. Could be better (better alternatives but not as innovative)
  4. Don’t use unless certified (meaning standards for being organic)
  5. Eww, never (fibers that are too socially insensitive and do not meet Ref Standards

* Ref’s Goal: to make 75% of their products from the #1 & #2 Categories

The company also just launched a line of sustainable footwear.  Prices range from $128-$218

To check out more on Reformation and their Sustainable Fashion endeavors,

Other brands that are becoming the forefront of sustainability: Everlane, Patagonia, Eileen Fisher, Mara Hoffman, ThredUp (as they recycle items that are not for resale), ABLE, Untitled by Blue

I will be highlighting many more brands that are the ‘do-gooders’ of fashion so stay tuned on the blog for more.


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