Style Tips for a Neutral Wardrobe: 

Some like variety, others like consistency. Whatever your style preference is, it’s always a good idea to have a neutral color capsule in your wardrobe that gives that easy and classic look you can go to each spring and summer season.

What is a capsule wardrobe? Quite simply, it’s a collection of a few simple and easy pieces that can coordinate with each other and that are considered classic and will not go out of style. It was first made popular in 1985 by designer Donna Karan who launched her “7 Easy Pieces” collection. Personally, I think hosting a neutral inspired capsule wardrobe in a section of your closet year round will offer you ease between transitioning from season to season as well as making packing for impromptu vacations seamless.

Here are my top neutral style picks to add to your winter vacation wardrobe that you can take from day to night that can be easily segmented into your wardrobe for a last minute warm weather resort getaway.  So let’s breathe a sigh of relief because you won’t have to dig through your wardrobe to find those essential beach styles and accessories.  This is why I believe in creating a capsule wardrobe.



Other neutrals to add to your wardrobe to make transitioning through seasons easier:



My go to travel tips:

  • Invest in a great suitcase. You won’t be disappointed. I did this a few years ago and I intend to have these luggage pieces for a long time. They are made with quality, look timeless and they are easy to handle.

Suggested travel gear that I swear by:

  • You must have packing cubes! No really…you need these.  Especially if you have kids.  It’s so easy to sort and to have more room in your suitcase.  You won’t believe the difference using these makes.  These are great and affordable:
  • Like I said above.  Stick with a capsule wardrobe.  Using the same color palette removes the stress of packing and figuring out what you are going to wear without the peril of over packing because everything coordinates. Super easy ladies! Trust me.
  • Keep the skincare and makeup simple.  I am bad at this! But the times I have simplified have been amazing.  I always keep a travel skincare bag that I never unpack with all of my essentials and it’s so easy to grab and go.  Products I always pack when I’m traveling:


Neutral Wardrobe Capsule Checklist:

  • White Blazer
  • Neutral suede jacket
  • Light colored denim (make sure it’s comfortable and can go with flats or heels)
  • Neutral heels or kitten heels (Sam Edelman Hazels in Oatmeal are my must have)
  • A comfortable white 3/4 length sleeve blouse
  • Silk button-down shirt (Equipment & Vince are great brands)
  • Cashmere cardigan (camel, oatmeal or ivory colored)
  • Brown/Pale Neutral slip dress (Vince preferred)
  • Neutral flats (Birdies are my go to)
  • Long or midi length flowing skirt & coordinating camisole
  • White bikini
  • Neutral colored flip-flops
  • A neutral cover-up/sarong
  • Necklace for a touch of detail
  • Simple earrings for day to night

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