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C’mon ladies, admit it. You have a bra on right now that’s falling apart. One hook left? Stretched beyond belief? Holes? But you love it…you wear it almost daily, and the thought of finding another one that compares is the same feeling as shopping for jeans.

I am SO happy to share that I’ve found the perfect bra. Yep! I said it.  The t-shirt bra of my dreams.  Super comfortable, fits perfectly, and guess what? I finally threw my other one in the trash. How could I? How dare I? Well…

I stumbled across Lively from a Facebook post.  At the time, I was one of those above mentioned victims of wearing a bra that went through the washing machine way too many times.  I also wanted to figure out my true bra size again.  I’ve been pretty much the whole alphabet since my twenties.  Pre-baby boobs (the best), pregnancy boobs (hello cleavage), nursing boobs (if my boobs could cry they did), and then, the infamous post nursing boobs (they did come back to life…eventually).

The goal: I wanted 2 bras I could wear that truly fit. So I did some research and realized Lively had a boutique store on Newbury Street in Boston.  I went with my old, mangled bra in tow, and as I went up the stairs, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was the absolute cutest, most refreshing, non-intimidating intimates store I had ever been into.  The stylists were amazing, and they helped me select a bra based on my needs.  I wanted a t-shirt bra that fit perfectly and that wasn’t padded or overly heavy.  They gave me The Sellouts T-Shirt Bra (featured in photo) and I also selected The Plunge Mesh Bra in Plum. I also ended up with their signature Deep-V Bodysuit in Black.  I love wearing that after yoga and when I work from home, which is often.

Here are my top Wear Lively picks (scroll down for $10 off your order):



Stylist Tip:  Make sure you know what kind of band you like.  For me, I don’t like skinny bands because I have a fuller bust. I had to try on a few different styles to make sure the fit and the band was comfortable. I also needed to try on a few strapless styles. I ended up not buying one because I get too hot in the summer and usually wear nipple shields and no bra.

Here are some highlights from my trip to Lively on Newbury St. in Boston

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