How many times have you woken up up with the worst hangover in your life thinking ‘How am I possibly going to handle this day’? This is the very thought I had when I went out for the first time many years ago after I had my son.  The first ‘Moms’ Night Out’ and I had 2 glasses of wine. The next day was like BAM! Hello! …I had to not only handle my hangover, but I had to be a mom. It was mind blowing LOL.  Now, I always look for ways to up my beauty and wellness regimen, always thinking ‘if only there was a magic potion’…

Well, now there is!

I.V. League Hydration has opened in South Boston and it’s not only a remedy for many things like hangovers, and supplemental hydration, but it’s also a Concierge Service.  Wait! What? After reading about them in the winter, I knew I was already on board.  Opened by former Boston Children’s Hospital R.N Courtney McAuley, her I.V. Services range from ‘The Rookie’ which is a normal saline supplement, to ‘The Gamechanger’, which is the first service I tried and offers saline and a multivitamin cocktail (aka a banana bag).  At the premium level is ‘The Hail Mary’ including saline, multivitamins, pain and nausea medicine, and the ultra glam, Beyonce worthy I.V. called ‘The Knockout’ which is noted for it’s beauty enhancing added Vitamin C along with the saline, multivitamin and glutathione.  

Other add-ons include:  B12 and Lipo 10B injections (a mixture of compounds that may aid in the reduction of adipose tissue i.e., fat)

Now, let’s talk Concierge shall we? Courtney and her team travel to hotels for bachelor and bachelorette parties, work with professional sports teams, and they are even garnering the attention of local companies who are inviting I.V. League into their offices to provide employees with this additional benefit of wellness.  Genius!

And the results? Well after treating myself to ‘The Gamechanger’ and added B12 shot, I automatically felt rejuvenated, my skin was glowing, and the next day was even better.  Courtney says the benefits of the treatments last for about a week.  And right before my photoshoot, I tried ‘The Knockout’ which has added multivitamins, Vitamin C and Glutathione (a powerful antioxidant made up of amino acids that is made in the body’s cells ~  getting an added boost can help combat free radicals and increase your immunity).  For optimal beauty and wellness, she recommends between 1-2 visits a month.  Now that I can do! 

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