Glam Worthy Hair Accessories were on my list for 2019.  I always wanted to be one of those girls who could make their hair look effortless.  You know the ones that come into the office looking like they just went to Drybar even though they did it themselves.  I was determined a few months ago, after decades of just knowing how to use a straight iron, to figure out a way to get effortless glam with some easy-to-use hair accessories. After researching some of the latest hair trends in accessories, as well as noting my lack of knowledge in anything that’s complicated when it comes to hair, I decided to find my old headbands.  I saved some that I used in college. I loved wearing them and it was easy since they also couple a the ‘lazy girls’ solution to a bad hair day.

I also wanted to update some hair accessories, like my headbands, as well as find some barrettes that could elevate some of my outfits.  Here are some of my favorites that I love and why.

The Classic Headband – there’s nothing like a feminine touch to add to a black blazer or some pearls adorned to crown you princess of your turtleneck 🙂 which is why I love designers like Lele Sadoughi and Jennifer Behr.  Yes, they are an investment, but they are classic, beautifully detailed, and you’ll want to pass these on to you someone younger than you later in life.  My favorites are the Lele Sadoughi Black Silk Padded Headband as well as Jennifer Behr’s Bailey Pearl Headband.

The Bow Scrunchie – Hello easy-to-use hair accessory! I swear this saved my holiday hair game…I simply took some pieces from each side of my hair, tied it back with the scrunchie and then teased the crown with a comb and some hairspray and I had all of the Brigitte Bardot feels.  Someone even mentioned that it looked so pretty so I knew I did something right lol.  Finally! A hair style I can manage. My favorites right now you can shop here:

The Classic Black Knit or Cashmere Winter Hat – I love a classic black knit winter hat.  It’s something every wardrobe should have.  Aside from keeping your head toasty warm, it can add some street style to your weekend look.  I usually wear mine on the weekend or casual Friday, with layered look, and when I really want something that’s going to keep my head warm all day and I don’t need to worry about my hair. Here are my go to hats:

Having some favorite hair accessories in your wardrobe can be fun and can add a different twist to your outfit. Don’t be afraid to try new looks or, if you’re unsure about how to wear a messy bun, or just want to ask style questions, reach out to your hair stylist.  I sometimes ask mine for advice on different ways to wear a high ponytail or how to create better beach waves.

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