Packing can be a daunting task, especially with kids, but I’ve learned throughout my time traveling for work, as well as with my son, that there are some rules of thumb I always try to stick to:  

LESS IS BEST (select a daytime and a nighttime shoe and that’s that!)

  • Stick with one color palette when selecting outfits.  This will save you time and headaches
  • Invest in packing cubes.  They can REALLY come in handy when you’re trying to separate clothes and especially when packing for kids.  I also use these for dirty laundry.
  • Pack a toiletry bag and always keep it stocked and ready to go. NEVER take these items out.  So many times I have ‘cleaned up’ my toiletries from a work trip, didn’t restock or took out the toothbrush and then when I traveled again I forget half of my essentials.
  • Invest in great luggage pieces with an ‘expandable option’ and select a brand that’s well known (ie., TUMI is my go-to.  The quality is like no other and they’ve been around since the 1970’s)
  • A STEAMER people!!!! Invest in a steamer!!! I have an iSteam and I use it at home (I don’t use a traditional iron anymore). I also travel with this and it’s AMAZING! ~ check out my Amazon store:
  • Here are my top picks for smart travel from:






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