Date Night Restaurants in Boston

So you want to impress your new love interest? Trying to make up for a major screw up at home? I’m going to let you in on the only way besides a little blue box from Tiffany’s to get you back in good graces. It’s simple. It’s food. And some really really nice wine.

Here are my top picks for some romantic dinners, or for a couples date in Boston.


348 Congress St., Boston, MA 02210

Their pasta is made fresh in-house, everyday, by hand. Need I say more?! But I will.  I cannot even describe the level of pure perfection each course serves up.  My top recommendations are the Endive Salad (I just love the blood orange zest).  Then on to the Potato Gnocchi with lobster.  My absolute favorite Secondi course is the Roasted Half Chicken with black trumpet mushrooms. And for dessert? Gelato please. And as for wine…well, they say Pinot Noir is an aphrodisiac (lol, no they don’t, but I think it is).  Their wine list is not to be questioned. It’s one of the best I’ve seen as Barbara Lynch’s wine director Cat Silirie I’m sure can attest to.

Fox & the Knife

28 W Broadway Boston 02127

South Boston. So many memories in this famously mocked and praised neighborhood, so when I go back, I like to check out the new places to have dinner and drinks with friends.  Fox & the Knife is my top pick to have your Friday date night. So quaint and cozy, candles illuminate the tables at night and during the summer, the windows stay open until close. The service is ultra friendly and warm, and the drink specials are so unique you’ll be wondering how that liquor combo could taste so devilishly delicious.

My favorite dish is the Capasanta Piccata with diver scallops, meyer lemon, buttered pine nuts. And a close second is the Milanese di Mailale with crispy pork, saffron aioli, honeycrisp apples.

What I like most besides that neon ‘Stay Foxy’ sign? Fox & the Knife is family owned and run by Chef Karen Akunowicz.  The cuisine is inspired by her time in Modena Italy. And guess what? She nailed it!


445 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02113

Looking for the most delicious food in the North End and somewhere that can accommodate your double date and even more?  Jen Royle’s Table is a MUST.  She is the most exquisite chef and serves wholesome courses of Italian food that will leave you with that I’m so full, but I want more feeling.  One of my favorite parts of dining at Jen’s? It’s when she says hello to everyone after the meal. We had brunch there when it first opened last year (now Sunday Supper) and I didn’t want to leave. My next trip to dine with Jen will be for some of those famous meatballs (give up that recipe girl)!

Seatings at Jen’s Table are Wednesday through Saturday at 7:00 pm only, and “Sunday Supper,” Sundays at 5:00 pm

Some advice:  Make reservations in advance because it fills up quick.


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