Calling all coffee lovers! My holiday gift guide for coffee lovers is here!

It’s officially time to have that coffee mug attached to your hand all season. Winter is here, and if there’s one thing I do know, it’s that if you have no idea what to get someone for the holidays, you can always gift something for the coffee lover.  Tea lover? Yep, I have that covered too.  And when all else fails, there’s always hot cocoa.

My criteria for gifting anything for the coffee lover is make sure you know their taste and their style.  Thinking gift cards? Are they Dunkin’ Donuts fans or Starbucks? If you gift them a mug, does their spouse or significant other drink coffee as well? Personalizing a mug makes it more special. I am really into the Initial Mugs by Anthropologie. They are quality mugs, make a great couples gift and are a great style add to any pantry or kitchen.

Now, let’s talk coffee brewing systems.  I am a HUGE fan of Keurig.  It’s easy, no mess and the coffee is consistently amazing.  I’m a Nantucket Roast kinda girl.  I also enjoy the ability to just press a button and dispense hot water so that I can enjoy my tea at night.  It’s just so easy! And shouldn’t everything in life be this enjoyable?! Keurig has so many different brewing systems now but I enjoy these versions the best.  There’s definitely something for everyone on your shopping list now.

Check out all of my top warm beverage finds here:

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