All Hail to CBD!

If you’re a beauty junkie like me, I’m sure you’ve already read a thing or to about CBD and why its Snow White like skin effects are taking the skin care industry by storm.  CBD, stands for Cannabidiol.  Discovered in 1940, it is derived from the hemp plant.

What are the benefits of CBD? 

It reduces inflammation and pain, fights the compounds of stress, improves heart health, and can support weight loss. But why, oh why, is this the Holy Grail of skincare for Queen Bees everywhere? It has calming effects on the skin as well as anti inflammatory properties which can soothe irritation, reduce redness, and fight acne.

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Now, let’s talk about the CBD deets as it relates to skincare products. 

There are a lot of CBD labeled products in the marketplace now, so how do you to determine which ones to invest in? Potency is key.   

Also, make sure any product you try has CBD, Hemp Extract, Hemp CBD, Hemp Extract as leading ingredients in order for them to be beneficial.  I would also make sure the Hemp Seed is of organic quality.

What product I am currently obsessed with? The Lavender Sleep Mask by Kana Skincare.  Use this as the last step in your nightly skincare routine, and gently wipe off with a warm cloth in the morning. This organic, full spectrum hemp infused lavender sleeping mask contains 28 active botanicals that work in synergy to heal, hydrate, and brighten your skin while you sleep. Phytocannabinoid is known to be a natural pain reliever, relaxant, and antioxidant that can be more potent than vitamin C, E, A, or omega 3 fatty acids (All of which are also present in hemp). I’m telling you this was heaven in a jar!! It wasn’t heavy, smelled amazing, and made me so relaxed.  The next day my skin was so soft and glowing. This will definitely be staying as part of my nightly routine. It is recommended by Kana to use this mask 3 times a week for maximum benefits.

Want to double your pleasure by ingesting CBD oil?  Again, make sure you do your research in terms of where the company you are buying from is sourcing their CBD, as well as making sure there is the right combination of Hemp Seed Oil and other properties to ensure this oil is beneficial.  Dosage is key with CBD Oil, and it is recommended that you base this on your body weight and start slow because someone else who weighs the same as you, and takes a certain amount of CBD, also has a different body chemistry and not everyone will react the same.

What product am I currently obsessed with? I love supporting local companies, so when I heard about Beam, a Boston-based start up, founded by professional athletes Matt & Kevin, I headed over to their pop-up shop at Seaport to ask a lot of questions.  Kevin was so wonderful with answering my questions about CBD, products and dosage.  They even had CBD on tap. Beam uses organic, pharmaceutical-grade CBD, which is important when deciding what products to use.  Their products are also 100% THC-free and have a full-spectrum formula which includes a high concentration of CBD, minor cannabinoids, 30+ terpenes, flavonoids, antioxidants and fatty acids that work together to create the most effective THC-free formula available.

I decided to take advantage of one of their promotional discounts and buy the 1500mg The One, in a Fresh Mint Blended Oil.  I use 2-3 drops in my iced coffee everyday and then a few with my tea at night.  The result?  I’ve definitely noticed that my joints feel less stiff in the morning and my skin feels smoother in the morning, AND I can sleep better.  I also use Beam topically on my face to reduce inflammation for maximum beauty benefits.  It’s definitely a double dose of happy 🙂

*Beam closed their pop up shop for the summer but you can always order this online


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