Happy 2020! Just saying that out loud has me feeling way old LOL.

I’ve thought a lot about this post. What I was going to include, and tips I wanted to give to feel and look better from the inside out.  But that’s thing…these are tips.  You need to own you! Everyone is different.  We all know what we want to work on for a better version of ourselves.  Honestly, I have so many things I want to work on it’s overwhelming.

What I am working on immediately as well as continuing:

  • Celery Juicing (the benefits of this are transforming to internal organs and skin).  This is a practice that needs to be continuous, BUT, I do believe in taking a few days off a week.
  • Continuing with my daily Vital Proteins Smoothie.  After my celery juice, I wait an hour, then have a piece of raisin toast with my smoothie.  Here are some of the key ingredients:
  • Water! Lots of water! Not to be a water snob, BUT I do believe the type of water you drink makes a HUGE difference in your skin and how you feel.  I am a big fan of Akaline water.  The benefits of Akaline are the purity and smoothness and how it flushes out toxins from your body. Here are my top picks for water:
  • Utilizing Wellness Apps like:

Zero – Fasting Tracker ~ Fasting Made Simple

Utilizing an App like Fasting Tracker will help me better stay in line with being more consistent about my Intermittent Fasting and give me more tips to be successful

Big Sky Health


Journaling to stay organized ~ This is a big one for me.  In order to be more successful as a blogger and creator, I need to better organize my ‘creative mind’.  I’m definitely someone who has lots of creative ideas, but then my head is in the sky more than my feet are on the ground.  Here are some tools I am looking into for more focus and better quality in 2020:

Stress Management ~ When I get stressed, I internalize everything.  Things that bother me stay inside and then it comes out in other ways like loss of sleep, not staying organized, being picky about small details.  Physically, it leaves me tired, and I sometimes suffer from headaches and migraines, and more recently in the past few years, I have vivid dreams that wake me up at night.  Things I have done that have helped tremendously are:

  • Reiki ~ this is a healing technique using a therapist that channels energy by touch points in the body in order to heal the emotionally and physically. I will talk a lot about this more in the coming weeks and my own experience. Stay tuned!


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